Pedigree Highland Cattle at Oak Fold

Uma of the Pheasant
Colour: Red......Date Calved: 03/01/1991

Philip 1st of Craycombe
DCFY3 27/04/1987 M7232
Philip of Strathallan
RMPP58 22/04/1980 M6983
Capleadh 15th of Cladich
FEDS10 24/12/1981 F29188
Caisgh-Ugh of The Pheasant
GRBZ2 04/04/1988 F32134
Bart of Benmore
CRBX14 23/03/1986 M7177
Sguillinn Og 50th of Benmore
CRBX6 26/02/1986 F30887

Uma of the Pheasant

Umha is the matriarch of the Oak Fold, all our breeding cows have been bred from her,
or her offspring. She has passed on excellent traits through the generations which
can be seen in the quality of the breeding stock we have today and our
show successes.

Although she is no longer breeding, this much cherished old lady will
always have a place at the Oak Fold.