About us

Natural rearing

At Oak Fold we believe in keeping our animals in as natural an environment as possible. Our pedigree Highland cattle are never housed, they live outside all the year round and are fed on grass, silage and occasionally a little corn and sugar beet to ensure the right balance of nutrients and vitamins.

Highland cows are tremendous mothers. From the moment the calves are born in the field the mothers take great care of them and make sure they get their first feed unaided.

We ensure calves are kept with their mothers for a full 9 months until they no longer need mum’s milk.

Our cattle are allowed to mature slowly in a stress free environment with freedom to roam, graze and forage on plentiful grass with clean water and ample natural shelter. The welfare of our animals comes first, so you can be confident in the quality of the stock and, of course, the beef.

Oak Fold Pedigree Highland Cattle

Pure Breeding

The Highland breed has a long and famous ancestry. It has been described as charismatic, beautiful and noble. Throughout the centuries the breed has developed and adapted, often in adverse conditions, until we have the extremely efficient and versatile animal we see today. There is no finer sight than a highlander with a new born calf at foot.

Oak Fold Pedigree Highland Cattle

The Breed for Health

Highland cattle represent one of the best ways to produce beef and preserve our landscape. The cattle are experts at improving unproductive land and maintaining a balance of plants. They will thrive on rough fodder enabling less competitive grasses and flowers to flourish. In winter, their diet is naturally healthy as they don’t require expensive feed compounds that are now suspected of being a disease risk. They have a thick skin and long shaggy coats to protect them, even in blizzard conditions and temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero. The breeds natural immunity to many diseases minimises the need for antibiotics and other medicines.

Oak Fold Pedigree Highland Cattle