Highland Cattle Meat Sales from Oak Fold

Highland Beef

Highland beef is traditional beef - it is lean, firm and well marbled which gives it flavour and succulence, yet it has a low fat content — just the quality expected from a specialist Scottish beef animal. Beef is usually available in mixed packs twice a year ( generally April and September ) on a first come first served basis.

Cooking Your Beef

The fat is marbled throughout the meat which ensures that it cooks in its own juices and stays moist and tender. It therefore appears to have more fat than other types of beef, but this is what gives it it's unique flavour.

We have tried several cooking methods, and we have found that as this is a traditional beef it is best cooked in the traditional way. Joints need to be roasted long and slow - but don't overcook as this impairs the flavour. Steaks on the other hand we find are best cooked for a short time on a high heat. However this is a matter of personal taste, and you may prefer it some other way — you need to experiment, but above all... ENJOY THE BEEF!

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